France has banned electric scooters from the sidewalk started last September. The reason is that this tiny vehicle is causing an increase in accidents. Local residents are so disturbed that they feel frustrated with e-scooters. It’s because the vehicle was packed in public areas. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a high-quality scooter, we suggest you check out the Xiaomi M365.

Paris and other cities have been home to thousands of e-scooters since it was introduced a year ago. Some companies operate scooters with a sharing system (ride-sharing).

However, the use of e-scooters has caused tension with the population. French Transport Minister Elisabeth Borne acknowledged that e-scooters had resulted in many accidents.

“This (scooter) development is very fast and a little anarchic. We don’t see it coming, and that is the law of the jungle. And it’s true that we see an increase in accidents and discomfort that increases on the sidewalk,” Elisabeth Borne said.

Borne announced motorists would be fined 135 euros if they used e-scooters on the sidewalk. This ban started last September.

“Our main goal is that pedestrians are no longer afraid of walking on the sidewalk,” he said, adding that operators themselves are calling for good driving rules and to clarify how vehicles can be used.

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