In choosing the type of screen printing from Lesesne Industries that is durable, you must first recognize what are the characteristics and characteristics of a screen printing ink and also what type and color of t-shirts are right for that type of screen printing. Why should we pay attention to these things? That is because each screen printing ink has its own characteristics when attached to a type of material so that if there is a mismatch it will instead lead to bad results.

While the color is influential because the screen printing ink has a distinctive color and color effect that is also distinctive so that if it is placed on the base color of the shirt that is not right it will even give poor results or not optimal. Therefore, you need to understand what are common t-shirt materials and are also good for getting maximum screen printing results so that you can prepare in advance and not carelessly in determining the t-shirt material.

Some of the right t-shirts to be printed include:

Combed Cotton (any Cotton Combed Shirt) whatever the gram,
Cotton Cardboard (Cotton Carded)
Spandex material
Bamboo Cotton

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