In beekeeping activity, choosing the Best Honey Extractors is not always easy because there are so many products offered in the market. It is best to choose the type of extractor that will suit your needs because it will give the amount of honey you want. However, each type has advantages and disadvantages so make sure you know exactly the best value for your money.

Honey extractors have two types, the tangential and radial extractor. The tangential is cheaper, appropriate for beginner beekeeper who doesn’t manufacture a great deal of honey, but you have got to remove the frames and spin all sides at a time, so it is not very effective for a bigger business. The radial extractor it’s quite pricey, but it is ideal for the industrial apiarist with several beehives from that to extract honey, radial extractors are extremely effective as because they spin a lot of frames at a brief period.

If you have got never used a honey extractor, don’t worry. The first step is making certain that the extractor is stable. If yours doesn’t have legs or stand, placed on a flat surface. You do not want to lose all the honey you’ll have harvested once the drum accidentally tumbles and spill all it contains. Get the frames from the beehive, but first, drive out bees. Take caution to not exaggerate it, lest it affects the taste of natural honey. Are you prepared with the frames? Well, head over to the process zone and begin the extraction method of spinning the optimum amount of juice as possible. Do not forget to melt or cut off caps from the frames. beware to not tear bee wax from the frame foundation. Honeybees will reuse their honeycombs repeatedly over.

Put the frames within the honey extractor and spin it. A force that results from the spin ensures complete extraction of all the honey and check that the foundation remains intact. Open the gate of the extractor when collecting a considerable amount of honey and let it drip through a screen filter into a collecting basket. Leave it within the bucket for a short time so bubbles will rise to the upper part. This helps improve its quality, after that, it’s prepared for packing and labeling.

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