If we listen to the news in the newspaper, online media, or television, short-circuit electricity is always considered a scapegoat causing fires. However, if further investigated, overheating in the electrical circuit is more likely to be a cause of the fire. Before something bad happens in your home, you should hire electrician Lexington SC services to check on electricity at home.

When overheating occurs in the electrical circuit, the fuse or MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) will not break/trip. As a result, electric current will continue to flow in the circuit, so that heat continues to accumulate and the temperature gets higher. Meanwhile, when a short circuit occurs, the fuse or MCB will break / trip because there is excess current in the circuit so that the heat accumulation can be stopped.

The cause of overheating can occur due to several things, including overload on the electrical circuit, poor quality electrical equipment (cables, plugs, sockets, etc.), High Resistance Connection (HRC), and others. Technically, it is suspected that the condition of the electrical socket which is overheating continues to be electrified, causing the plastic wrap to melt until it burns.

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