Bleach clothes can be used to overcome the problem of clogged toilets. This method is the same application as Dish Washing Soap. Pour liquid clothing bleach into the hole in your closet. Add enough soap powder. Allow a few moments for the whitening solution and soap powder to react perfectly first. Then you can water it by using water many times so that the remnants of dirt that cause the blockage can dissolve with water. Do this routine if necessary so that you can help prevent it early before the blockage occurs. Apart from that, if you can’t repair your clogged toilet by yourself, we suggest you hire plumbers Columbia SC.

In addition, you can try using a wire or clothes hanger made of wire. Straighten the wire that you will use first. You can use a wire hanger that is not used anymore. Make a curve like the end of the hook on the fishing tool so that it can help make it easier for you when conducting trials in an effort to overcome the clogged closet.

Insert the wire into the hole in your closet bowl. Do it slowly so as not to scratch your closet. Push gently until the end of the wire is stuck to the object that is causing your closet to clog. Move-in a circular direction until the end of the wire is caught in the object. Once it feels tangled, gently pull so that the object does not come back again.

If the object is successfully pulled, try watering it. If water flows smoothly it means that there are no more objects left behind.

Finally, you can use chemical drains cleaning fluid to help you deal with clogged closets. This liquid can be found at chemical stores, hardware stores or department stores in your neighborhood. Use this method as a last resort if you have to use other methods but are still not resolved. Because this liquid is toxic to humans and other living things such as animals. In addition, this liquid also has corrosive properties that can damage your pipeline. Other impacts caused will certainly damage the environment.

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