Having a car without mold on the windshield is the dream of every four-wheeler. Therefore, do not let the presence of molds disturb driving comfort. Be careful because moldy glass can also increase the risk of accidents. Cleaning the molds on the windshield on a regular basis is a wise choice that can be done to care for the car. Even though you can’t really prevent a totally moldy windshield, the effort in caring for the car can suppress the proliferation of the molds. Additionally, perhaps you need to consult with the expert on auto glass repair Columbia SC if you need to know more about this.

Caring for the windshield is not easy. You must always keep it clean because even a little lack of treatment can make the mold stain come again. So what can you use to prevent this from happening to the windshield?

Here are some ways that you can do:

Your vehicle’s glass is always clean. If there are food scraps or dirt, immediately clean the dirt thoroughly. Familiarizing yourself with a thorough car wash routine can benefit you from the number of expenses you need if the windshield is damaged.

The quality of the water used to wash the car is balanced. Groundwater usually contains chemicals that are not balanced with each other, so that the potential to cause white spots on the windshield.

The windshield is always dry. The molds on the windshield could have come from the remaining water spots. Therefore, to overcome this, you can use a cloth with high absorption after washing the car to dry quickly.

The car is always rinsed after it gets rained on. In addition to making the surface of a car moist, acidic substances contained in rainwater can damage the car paint coating.

Parking in the right place. Indiscriminate in choosing a parking space, such as in a humid place, can make dust and dirt stick. If it’s left too long, the windshield will get moldy quickly.

Glass cleaning products that use in accordance with car glass. Most glass cleaners contain nitrogen and hydrogen compounds (NH3) which are quite effective in removing mold and spotting. However, products that are not suitable can actually make the windshield blurry.

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