Busyness is always an easy reason for not doing sports. A series of meetings and work schedules that accumulate sometimes makes you delay to burn calories in your body. Lack of intensity of exercise can be dangerous for the body. Not only does it affect physical health but also mental health. When exercising, the body releases endorphins which trigger feelings of satisfaction and security. You can practice the old school new body to get the health and secrets of youth that you want.

Exercise will also provide time to rest so that we are not too stressed. Here are some things you can do to keep your body fit when you are busy, you can’t avoid it:

1. Yoga
Yoga is a flexible sport that can be done in all places. Yoga can be done while you are in the car. When it’s stuck, you can calm your mind when it’s stuck. Instead of complaining, you can do yoga moves so that the stress of your mind when dealing with traffic can be reduced. If at home, just do a few yoga movements for 30 minutes.

If done regularly, it is not only physical that becomes fit, your soul and mind will be fresher. One of the yoga movements is the Down Dog or Adho Mukha Savasana yoga movement which can reduce fatigue and tension. This movement is carried out while breathing regularly.

2. Exercise on the desk
In addition to yoga, you can take time out of your workout in the office. You can do push-ups with the help of a chair or office desk as a pedestal when the workspace is quiet. Or you can also store dumbells or other small, practical exercise equipment in an office drawer. If you don’t have time to escape to the gym, train your muscles with a small dumbbell.

3. Don’t be lazy to walk
If you use your own vehicle you should find a parking location that is further away. With this condition, you are forced to walk while moving your body muscles.

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