Do you have a dark room? You can use glow in the dark stickers that can glow in the dark. These stickers are sold in various forms and the price is fairly cheap. This sticker can also be affixed to the wall without damaging it. This type of sticker is widely used as wall decorations of children’s rooms. Aside from that, if you want another piece of art to be hanged on your wall, we recommend you to try some prints that will be suitable for your dark-themed room.

However, that does not mean that adults should not use glow in the dark in his room. The form of glow in the dark is also varied and funny, no need to worry about not finding the one you like!

In addition, if you look around for things around you, there are actually a lot of used or unused items that you think are useless, but can be reprocessed into something unthinkable.

One of them is the creation of wall hangings from used toilet tissue rolls. If you usually throw them away right away, you might start thinking again to collect them from now on. With a little creativity, the scrolls you can arrange into a budget-saving and cool wall hangings you know!

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